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Hippie End Love Resonator!

proudly presents:

a new song


(Ferdinand Delcker)

Ferdinand tells us a story about his voyage as Polo to China,
were he has got a sex experience in a golden cage.
the girl in this story was very sympathetic, maybe even better
then the both girls in the previous ones
(s. "listen, boy, I'm drunk" and "when the bed creaks" from Hippie End Love Resonator).
nevertheless he left China for his rock'n'roll in Venice,
thinking it might be enough just to dream of her. A mature act of him!

My name is Polo and I've 'seen the East
full of 'wonders that you wouldn't be'lieve
'flying pigs and 'headless monks and 'elephants
China is eight thousand Danish miles away
the 'voyage was perilous and long
but we got there, we got there in the end.

China is governed by a guy called Kublai Khan he was kind enough to take us in
made me a prince and offered me a golden hat
gave me a house, ten horses and a wife
but he will not, he will not let us go.
I gotta get back

I gotta get back from China one day.

17 years I spent in that imprisonment
I languished in a golden cage.
but then quite suddenly the emperor decided he
would render me my liberty.

Now I am back in Venice waste my time on drugs and tennis
and I wish I hadn't left.
Sit at the window every night Stare at the moon and then I sigh
I miss my dark-eyed princess, I miss my little Chinese princess

My woman's name is Mei-Lin, she's a sweet little thing
the daughter of some petty king
I lost myself completely in her almond eyes
we spent a thousand nights with a Chinese moon so bright
but she can't make, she can't make me stay -
I gotta get back -

We spent a thousand nights with an Eastern moon so bright,
but I won't get, I won't get her back again.
I gotta get back -

I gotta get back to China one day.

Davide de Bernardi Dr. Bajan Ferdinand Delcker Thibault Jourdan
bass, back vocal vocal, bajan vocal, keyboard drums

Hippie End Love Resonator

an international blues band from berlin featuring blues-bajan (button accordion) with bended notes und screaming sound. they write their own songs and perform them wild and passionately. nikolai fomin (dr. bajan) (ru) - vocal, bajan; ferdinand Delcker (de) - vocal, organ; davide de bernardi (ch)- bass, backs; thibault jordan (fr) - drums


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